The Vinyasons festival landed at Nulles

The prestigious Vinyasons Ametller Orígen festival, which consists of a cycle of 14 concerts in different cellars of Barcelona and Girona, arrives for the first time in Tarragona.

The Nulles Wine Cathedral received a high-flying concert last Saturday with the singer Marina Tuset, a 24-year-old girl who has positioned herself as one of the young promises and already recognized Blues and Jazz artists national With an intimate and personal voice, he played at the Jambooree this week at the International Jazz Festival of Barcelona. In addition, the musical proposal came accompanied by the sponsor of the festival, Ametller Orígen who married the musical proposal and the wines and champagnes Adernats with gastronomic proposals that concerted the event with a dinner concert.

A new occasion to enjoy this polyvalent winery, with a special and unique atmosphere. Thus, the cycle of large format events closes with a very intense spring-summer. But already thinking in the fall, where they will return the sensorial dinner \'Vinitcultura\' and the II Festival of Harvest.

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